Journal Entry From 2004 With The Seeds Of Pentecost

I’ve always written journals and I have a stack of them by my desk. Occasionally, I reach down and browse my past, and in one such wandering down memory lane, I found these pages from 2004. [Click the images to see them in higher resolution.]

journal pentecostIn that year, I traveled from New Zealand for a holiday in London, and then onto southern Spain and Egypt. This particular journal covers a span of about 5 months: May to September. It’s an adventure diary, so the pictures were already in the book – I’m not a visual artist!

There were musings about writing a novel at that stage but nothing serious. Then I found these notes, which are the embryonic idea of what would become Pentecost, the first ARKANE thriller.

“professors in Oxford .. they trace the stone to the tomb of Jesus – its power unlocked by blood or fire (maybe it’s wood but does not burn? or it seems to bleed – the dreams come by night, images of fire and burning …”

and then later

journal pentecost“the broken pieces taken by the early church to different places in order to hide them – letters to the churches – find references to them. When Christ was resurrected, the slab he laid on was broken into pieces and shards of rock – apart they are nothing, together, an unbreakable evil that will help to bring down good in the world – searched for by many and held now by the legacy of those who persecuted.”

pentecost journalI started writing Pentecost in November 2009, over 5 years after this journal entry was written. Until I found it today, I had no idea that the kernel of the story had started so far back.

What’s even more interesting is at the bottom of the page is a reference to Gates of Hell as a title, a book I published in Jan 2015, which also contains my experiences in Granada and Cordoba, places that I write about in the same journal.

It just goes to show that the subconscious can hold onto ideas for a long time, and then they can emerge in strange ways down the line!