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    Hi Joanna!

    Not only are you on my NaNoWriMo Buddy list, I also reviewed Pentecost earlier this year. I’ve finally read down through my reading list to where I’m now engaged in reading your novel, Prophecy. Once completed I’ll post a review.

    Have a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    To Your Success!

    • Joanna Penn says

      Thanks so much Werner, and I hope NaNoWriMo was fun for you this year. I had a great start on the first book of my next series! I hope you enjoy Prophecy and Exodus is coming soon.

  2. Philip says

    I just got your latest offering from Amazon (Exodus) and hope it is half as good as your previous work. I will be sitting by the pool in sunny Queensland (with my kindle) enjoying it this weekend. I hope you have a great xmas and have a great break (not to long though!!! I am already looking forward to your next project.

    Cheers and best wishes

    • Joanna Penn says

      Thanks so much Philip and I hope you enjoyed Exodus – it would be quite incongruous to read by the pool in Queensland – another world entirely! More to come in 2013.

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    Hello Joanna,

    I have found you on ALLI! Your website is nice and the summary I read for Pentecost is interesting.

    Stones and crystals are powerful – and in the wrong hands – they maybe dangerous. I carry a few various ones and recharge them whenever needed. As the one you mention in your book – sounds like it could be a bit of both. So I’m curious.

    I’m planning to become a Self-Published author/writer soon. I’m in Scotland and today I’ve contacted the Scottish Library which is posted online to verify if I needed an ISBN or not (someone had told me some other piece of paper with witnesses which I found doubtful), I do, which is what I believed.

    I’m also hoping to eventually, be able to join your group on GoodReads as well.

    Later, hopefully! If I have bothered in any way, I’m sorry and I won’t contact again.

    Thank you!

  4. Philip Redford says

    Hi Joanna
    Just finished reading desecration and you have raised the bar again, what a great read and really great characters. I look forward to reading a lot more of this series. You are a great writer!!!

    Hope you have a great Xmas

    (Queensland, Australia)

    • Joanna Penn says

      Thanks so much Philip, I’m thrilled you enjoyed Desecration! Delirium will be out in 2014.

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    I received a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas from my wife and sons [Orthodox priest] and got a few books free…including one of yours–the first ARKANE book! I immediately got the trilogy and read the last two books in two days! Next, I’m going after your new ones. As a priest, and analytical chemist, I enjoy the religious aspects, as well as the ARKANE science angle…along with the travel bits. I truly enjoy it and wanted to thank you personally… Wishing you tons of success–God Bless!
    Fr. Bob

    • Joanna Penn says

      Hi Father Bob – I’m thrilled that I have an orthodox priest as a fan :) I always try to walk the line with religion – between respect and belief and possibility. It’s something that intrigues me personally, so I am so pleased you’re enjoying the books.
      Thanks, Joanna

  6. Dawn says

    Just got finished reading One Day in Budapest and loved it! Exciting…great characters, interesting history. I sent an email re this as well. My mom was born in Hungary in the 1920’s so this story really piqued my interest. Mom told me a number of stories of some of the awful things grandma and grandpa endured from the first world war and its aftermath prior to emigrating to Canada. Great read i will b pursuing more of your works! Thank you!

  7. Dawn says

    ooops like father Bob i forgot to tell my location…I’m on the central coast of California about an hour North of Santa Barbara and two north of LA.