Interview With Joanna Penn About Thriller Novel Prophecy By Natalie Wright

As part of the launch for my latest thriller Prophecy, YA author Natalie Wright interviewed me about the book and my inspirations for ideas as well as my writing processes. The video is 15:37 mins long and there’s an audio below if you would rather listen.

You can also download the audio here => JoannaPennInterview.mp3

In the video, we discuss:

  • Tell us about Prophecy, an action-adventure romp
  • How did you come up with your protagonist, Morgan Sierra, who is a kick-ass, smart, sexy woman who can fight? I talk about how Morgan is my fantasy alter-ego. We also talk about who would play the roles of Morgan and Jake in the movie version of the novel.
  • Where did the evil organization Thanatos come from?
  • On art history, religious symbolism and historic places. How much time does it take me to research and why am I obsessed by these things? How I found the Devil’s Bible and synchronicity.
  • On the God Helmet and some of the aspects that are real-life but have been twisted for the story
  • Have I been to all the places I write about? How I use Flickr for research. The symbolism of place.
  • My writing process is more set now I am working on the 3rd novel, Exodus. I explain how I work.
  • Where is the ARKANE series going?

Prophecy is available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99

Thanks to Natalie Wright, author of Emily’s House, for the interview.

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